We design, make (locally) and sell benchmark products driven by innovation, design and high quality for passionate mountain bikers.



AllMountainstyle.com is a trademark from Niche Commerce, S.L. from Barcelona (Europe). We design, and develop our own products, for the hobbies we're passionate about, and manufacture them in exclusivity using local manufacturers as we strongly believe in re-industrialization and the makers movement.

Every product we develop is the answer to a problem we, our friends, customers or riders face while practicing the sport we love: mountain biking.

Our obsession to build innovative and cool products drives us forward every single day. 

We have a strong background and professional experience on engineering, product development, project management, innovation, business development, entrepreneurship and financials.

Xavi, born in Barcelona, is a 35 years old economist and expert in business development with more than 14 years experience. His live is all about sport and he loves cycling, trailrunnig and swimming (no matter the season of the year)  

Xavi and Carles AMS founders

Carles, born in Barcelona, is a 41 years old mechanical engineer, and expert in Product & Business Development with more than 15 years experience. He loves mountain biking, specially Enduro, as well as trailrunning, and Stand Up Paddle Surfing

We do not have a traditional storefront, yet we have distributors and resellers with physical shops. All browsing and ordering can be conducted online at our website. The website is open for ordering 24/7, 365 days a year. 

You can reach us at contact (at) allmountainstyle (dot) com and follow us at  Instagram or Facebook.

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